Tuesday, November 15, 2016



If I could tell young people one thing, it would be-- make ritual in your life.

Why ritual-- what is it.
Scheduled. More or less obligatory.
Requires participation.

Could be self-imposed-- raising flag in Cape Giradoux.

Why does it fall away?
Move away.
more work-- if you live 40 minutes across town.
Even annual rituals get hard.
Scattering-- meet at grandma's house for Xmas. What happens when Grandma dies?
Competing --- What happens when Grandma moves to Florida?
What happens when you BECOME Grandma, and you still have to visit your parents-- what ritual for your kids?

Family reunion-- huge amount of work.

Someone has to do the work. Easier if it's a community thing and expectation.

Competing entertainments. Passive entertainment-- too easy, always right there.
Limited vacation time. Do I go home for Xmas? Do I go to in-laws? Do I go skiing with friends?

Can make ritual yourself-- what you do in the morning when you get up.
Will take work. Like all good habits, easily broken. One Sunday you decide not to get up for church, that could be all it takes.

Even TV and music are no longer a ritual. No one gathers to watch Buffy on Tuesday nights -- you can watch it any time. No one gets together at a friend's house to watch a video or listen to a new CD he just bought-- we can stream any video or listen to any song on our phones or tablets or TVs.

There's no incentive to leave home. Wall-E comfortable dystopia. 

Buy season tickets--- remember about the Indians and the end of the season, and all the season-ticket holders getting hugs from the vendors...

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