Friday, October 21, 2016

Boomer alert-- routine and affiliation

Something many Boomers didn't like much were routines and joining.
"Keep your options open" -- moving around, moving on. Even if you stayed in the same town, you probably aren't in the same groups. You probably don't do the same thing every Tuesday.

Far easier to break a good habit than a bad one! Sleep in one morning rather than going to swim laps at the pool, and you might as well have quit, right? The discipline is broken.
Routine is hard....


Point of this decade is... making meaning.

Older generation affiliated-- Masons, Moose Lodge. Jeff talking about the BR "boys night out" group-- meet every week for decades. (Older)

We are more likely to join for a while, then move on when it's no longer useful. (RWA)
More into new experiences, new sensations.

But there's usefulness and meaning in familiarity, in making the time to do the same thing.

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